As PMs, the most important thing (or one of them) is to track the metrics or performance of your products and the features they launch. Let me articulate the framework I follow.

Building The Feature:

We all know that a feature is built (launched) to solve a problem, and the problem’s context is…

Earlier I had written an article about “Creating product requirements” and I hope it helped a lot of new product managers. I wanted to write a detailed PRD in hopes to help other PMs.

The PRD was for a failed startup attempt but I hope it would help others to…

The e-commerce platform has 4000 product ids in the price range of 999–3500. How would you define sorting for this range to ensure the best result? Also, define what you mean by the best result — in terms of metrics you will judge.”


Considering the sorting mechanism for a…

For those who don’t know — WhatsApp Messenger is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp Customer Segments:

  1. School, College, and University Students
  2. Working Professionals
  3. Old Age Senior Citizens
  4. Business Owners

Business Goals:

Increase a new way to monetize the existing user base

Customer Use Cases (Why They Use WhatsApp):

  1. Communication — It’s the most important…

For those who don’t know — is India’s fastest growing eyewear company and largest eyewear company online.

Lenskart Customers:

Typical Age Group: Between 16–60

Customer Segment 1: Customers buying for themselves (are online savvy)

Customer Segment 2: Customers buying for their friends and relatives (who aren’t online savvy)

Customer Segment 3

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I am a generalist product manager with close to seven years of experience in building products at different stages of their life-cycle.


Gaussian Networks Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Gurgaon |Roles: Product Head Of and | Aug 2018–Present

Anyone coming new into this field of product management, have to have a structured way of thinking towards things and the best way to do that is using different frameworks. …

I always liked working alone and as an individual contributor PM. But transitioning from an IC to a Manager (though I had led support, my startup and engineering teams before but not a PM team), I learned a few things:

  1. Make them understand why we’re doing this by making them…

Understanding and measuring metrics that matter

After multiple sprints, you have launched your product and you feel it is perfect, now whats the next thing to do?

Well, the role of the product manager doesn’t end with the launch of the product, they really need to track the product metrics…

We, Product Managers, are always trying to make our products better, more user-friendly, and better experience altogether.

In the pursuit to achieve this incrementally better product offering, we are always trying to predict, analysis, optimize, and automate our product offerings; this is where Artificial Intelligence or the more apt word…

Angshuman Gupta

En-route to Full Stack Product Person

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